November 28

Cyber Safety – 29.11.2016 – week 8

3 Facts:

  1.  Big company’s are starting to use Emoji passwords
  2. The there are websites that are helping people get ride of  viruses and scams like “”
  3. There are ways to find out you got fake emails and messages

2 Understandings:

  1. I now understand how to get rid of scams
  2. I also now understand how to tell if you get a virus and a scam

1 Question:

  1. Have you ever gotten a scam
November 7

Space BTN


  • The spaceship would need to carry 100 people or more even cargo
  • The rocket ship would use raptor engine
  • The space ship uses carbon dioxide as fuel

2 Understanding:

  • I understand how difficult it would be to live on mars
  • I also understand the dangers that would occur on mars

1 Question:

  • Is there a way to make human life on mas possible and how long can we live there for
October 20

100 word challenge -spider poem

You work hard spinning a web going up, down and around without making any sound

You are lucky to have many legs and the ability to lay many eggs

You might not look pretty but you can afford to live in the city

Who cares if people think you look freaky, just remember to you they also look creepy


October 20

Behind the news – Hurricane Mathew

3 Farts:

  • Mathew killed close to 1000 people in Haiti
  • Homes, roads, trees and schools have be distorted
  • All the school supplies were lost, wet and ruined

2 Understanding:

  • I understand how the people in Haiti would feel
  • I also understand how much damage would have been do to Haiti

1 Question:

  • Will Haiti be properer for yet anther hurricane, if so how so?
October 17

The Solar System

3 Facts

  • Mercury is the smallest and the lightest of all of the planets
  • Mercury has no moon nor a atmosphere
  • Venus is one of the brightest objects out there, by far the hottest planet

2 Understandings

  • I understand how Venus is the hottest planet but I don’t understand how a greenhouse affect that’s out of control, Venus can not got colder then 437  degree’s
  • I don’t understand how some planets don’t have moons

1 question:

  • If the sun swallows earth how will us humans find a new home?
September 11

100 word challenge – 11.9.16 – and I thought “well what a start”.

Bills, wages, rates  and accountant fees, who ever thorough running a business would be so expensive. I always wanted to be my own boss, when the perfect opportunity rise I grabbed it. I now own my very own KEBAB SHOP! I learnt all the trick of the trade from my father, who has been in the business for more then 25 years! I only hired 1 staff member to help me run the shop, well until business picks up. My first day was quite business we were running up and down serving, cleaning, cooking and washing, I was exhausted. I had an early night and I thought “well what a start”.

August 23

BTN – Vietnam War – 23.8.16 – week #6

3 facts:

  1. Australia marked the 50th anniversary on Thursday 18th of August.
  2. The battle was named Long Tan
  3. 18 people were killed and 24 were badly wounded

2 understandings:

  1. I understand how close the Long Tan was
  2. I also understand the depress familiars that lots relatives (family members)

1 Question:

  1. How do wars like Long Tan start and do the people have regrets of that war
August 23

100 word challenge – week #6 – Black Flamingo Extraordinary Poked Underneath – 19.8.16

Once in a EXTRAORDINARY  magical place live the Flamingos, they would play Bingo, they were Black tall, slender and even bold. they were so tall they would start a brawl. One day the black flamingo looked underneath a rather large log, he poked it, pecked it until he fell over and broke his leg, he could not walk of could not even lift his leg, he started to howl. As time and time past his leg would not heal, suddenly a slightly larger black flamingo came and said “why you howling?” “I broke my leg!” replied the howl black flaming. “wow it was just a dream”

July 18

Term 2 Science (Chemistry) Unit Reflection

Unit reflection

Greeting earth lings!

This unit of school has been about science, we all had to choose a partner, there were some cool experiments! We even when to  a science excretion. one experiments was

“Elephant’s tooth past” we also got to choose which color the girls choose pink. In the unit we haven’t been just doing science but it was mostly science by we have do maths and literacy

1  I found interesting was that if you put helium inside a football you’d think it flout but actually it wouldn’t even move because there are small gaps inside the football so the gas would gust escape

2 I also found out that vertically every single thing on this planet or even the universe every thing is either made of liquid, solid or a gas.

3 if you were to freeze olive oil, honey and water in the freezer the honey would gain the most weight, because water gain 1g oil gain 2g and honey gain 3g for it having sugar unlike water and oil it has no sugar.

1 understanding I understand that barocer and hot water mix the barocer devolves in 48 seconds but what makes the barocer devolves that fast

2 understanding I understand that vinegar and bicarb soda mix crates and explosion (not really) but what I don’t understand is what chemicals fuses the the chemical is what stumped me

1 question: In this unit I’v have been surprised about science and chemicals etc. but what experiments have you done? also I’v been in the mood for some science!

June 22

Science with Leyla


To observe the outcome when freezing the liquid and seeing how much weight is being lost of added when forming a new shape.


Our Prediction is that ONLY a little bit of weight will be added to the liquids.


  1. Get 3 beaker
  2. Get honey, oil and water
  3. Get beakers with measuring markers pour liquids to 50mL
  4. Measure each liquids in a beaker on a scale (take notes)
  5. Once done go to freezer
  6. Put in freezer from 9 am-2.30pm
  7. Check every hour on the liquids
  8. Once 2:30pm take out the liquids
  9. Measure them on a scale (take note)S
  10. See which one added the most weight or lost the most weight










Our prediction was correct, we checked on the liquids every hour from 9-2:30. When we had checked on them they had changed the form of shape and changed a bit of color. They have also added a bit of weight.

Pre:                                                                                    Post:

8.1g                                                                                    8.3g

4.1g                                                                                    4.4g

4.6g                                                                                    4.7g

The container weight: 10.2g

Oil: Honey: Water:
8.1g Before 4.1g Before 4.6g Before
8.3g After 4.4g After 4.7g After




In our experiment we wanted to find which liquid added the most weight, the one that added the most weight was the honey. We believe the reasoning is due to the low viscosity and the amount of sugar in it.  Unlike oil and water they don’t have sugar meaning when frozen they won’t gain 0.3g like honey.



In conclusion we have completed our experiment, the results were surprising. We now know which liquid had put on more weight out of those three (oil, water, honey) the honey added more weight due to the viscosity   and the amount of sugar.

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